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About me..

A platform run by myself for the good of all disabled people

I am Mike, a 44yr ex Royal Navy man of 14yrs and once I developed MS in ’98 I was dismissed service and had to start life in Civvy street. I was fortunate to meet a woman in 2000 who I am now proud to call my wife.

Yes life can be difficult as a disabled person but should not

have any barriers that stop you from doing what you want when you want to do it.

My aim is to take those organizations/companies/individuals to task when they do not meet the standards that are in the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) of 1995 / Equality Act 2010 and therefore place barriers in your life.

Move forward together

Created by Mike Brodie 2014

EnMCB Mind...

We are a new enterprise that will try to focus on something that has been sadly missing for far too long. why can employers/organizations/companies/individuals get away with not providing the right access/services for disabled people?

Well I want to change that little by little by raising awarness and making a stand for your rights to be treated no differently to anyone else.

Mental Health is a very misundestood symptom and what happens on a daily basis to many people by being unable to access goods or services causes lasting effects. Quite often the event causes embaressment and distress to the peron that can only serve to aggrivate the Mental Health of these individuals.

Just imagine the amount of LOST business for these companies. I am pretty sure that if i were to run a business then I would want to maximise the revenue that came through the doors and to minimise the chances of being taken to court for compensation.

Everything this website stands for is a personal journey of

Michael Christopher Brodie

MCB Mind

Its is NOT a company but a personal mission to get justice and access for all.

YES we are new so can you help?

Get in contact and help shape your environment for disabled people.

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